VINE SOCIETY is a new wine-tasting series that we’re kicking off this summer, dedicated to expanding your knowledge (and love, of course) of Italian wine. Our VINE SOCIETY events are affordable and informal, often in unconventional settings. Some sessions will focus on regions, some on varietals, and some will highlight specific Italian winemakers.

VINE SOCIETY tastings cater to those just starting on their wine-appreciation journey, as well as those who are a bit more adept. These events are designed to get us all more comfortable talking about Italian wine . . . we tend to think that the best way to do that is to just drink it and talk about it.



at FORM Fine Goods + Floral

Major thoroughfares in Italian towns and cities are named “XX Settembre” after the day when the troops from Savoy under Garibaldi finally broke through the Pia Porta in Rome, thus unifying the Italian nation under the Italian flagIt’s kinda like independence day, and it’s also the perfect excuse to sample some wines from Piemonte and Lazio.

VINE SOCIETY is open to all 21 years of age, or older. These are small, informal events, so seating is limited. Reservations are $25 per person — good for snacks and as much wine as one can drink. Reservations are not refundable, however, we understand that things come up. If you can’t make it, we will save you a place at the next event. Click the “Buy Now” button below to reserve seats! 

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