“In Bocca al Lupo, Vol. II” | Coastlines of Liguria, Toscana, and Lazio

Our pop-up dinner series, “IN BOCCA AL LUPO” is a curated dinner experience intended to immerse you in regional Italian history, landscapes, design, and culture over the course of a chef’s tasting menu. Throughout your dinner experience, you will be presented with modern culinary flourishes, superlative wine, and hand-crafted cocktails. We offer a vision of Italy and its cuisine free from traditional perception.

In our second installment of this dinner series, we are collaborating with The Iron Horse Hotel. We are excited to see the interpretations of chefs Erik Hansen and Joshua Rogers, given their talent and the landscape they will be drawing inspiration from. Throughout this al fresco dinner, we will be traveling along the western Italian coastline bordering the Tyrrhennian Sea, from Genoa to Rome. We will trace the rocky and rugged Ligurian coast, wander through the verdant Tuscan hills, and explore the old ways of the Roman countryside. These lands have figured prominently throughout western history over the long ages, for both political and culinary reasons. The Greeks, after all, planted vineyards here a full eight-hundred years before Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon. These are the lands where mythical founders dwelt, where all roads led, and are still synonymous with the heart and soul of Italian cuisine and culture. Let’s give it its due.

So, welcome to “IN BOCCA AL LUPO, VOL. II”… there is much to taste here. We hope you’ll join us for this curated collaboration on SUNDAY, 11 JUNE at THE IRON HORSE HOTEL. Doors at 6:00 PM for cash aperitivo bar; dinner begins promptly at 7:00 PM.

$99/person = 8 courses +complimentary wine pairings & swag. Seating is limited.

Please click “Buy Now” below to reserve your seats.       IN CREPI LUPO!

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